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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

November 17th, 2016 bmdagh18

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down” – Oprah.

What would we do without our friends? They support you, love you, tell you when you’re being stupid or irrational, keep you sane, drive you crazy, and if you’re lucky, they’re like an extension of your family. As I get older, and this could just be in my case, I’ve learned that the theory of “quality over quantity” applies to how I make and maintain friendships. I’m past the stage of spreading my attention meaninglessly and prefer to spend most of my time with a handful of people that I genuinely like to be around. Is this maturity? Or just being lazy? Either way, this blog post is dedicated to my friends. I was inspired after visiting mis chicos favoritos (Jeff and Pat) in Leon, Spain this past weekend. Along with some other HC friends, I had a great weekend reminiscing about our past lives on the Hill (like we’re 60 years old haha), discussing the future, laughing, and just being silly (my favorite). The world can be so serious and divisive, it’s times like these where I’m lucky there are some people in the world that require no effort or pressure to have a good time with. I’ve been so so lucky to have met up with some of my best friends in the world while abroad, which in most cases is preplanned and some cases is luck. And the semester isn’t even over yet!! Crazy how things just seem to work out sometimes.

Sorry for the short and sappy post, maybe I’m emotional about these 2 papers I need to write or that I’m not going to be home for Thanksgiving next week (don’t worry though… the third annual LuHi Friendsgiving is in full swing, live from… You’ll have to check back next time to see where 🙂 ) My next post will be more fun with a November recap, travel updates, and funny stories, I promise. As for right now, this Britain, Scotland and Empire paper won’t write itself (really putting the STUDY in study abroad). Talk to you soon.





Amber and I celebrating Guy Fawkes Night with a bonfire on the Castle Sands. Not only did she make the trek from Florence to St Andrews, but we saw each other at Oktoberfest and Paris (by chance too). And I’ll be seeing her at Friendsgiving2k16. #BFFGOALS


Meg, Jeff, Pat, and I just hanging in Leon, Spain. Sitting on some rainbow steps. Confusing locals and tourists alike.


My lovely cousin Caroline and her equally lovely BC friends Katie and Sarah, who are studying in Parma, Italy, joined us Saints (Casey and Taylor) in doing a very St Andrews thing (i.e. afternoon tea overlooking the Old Course).


A little Oktoberfest throwback with some familiar faces (Kassy, Jeff, Pat, a Stein of beer…)


Views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower with Samir. Started from senior prom and now we’re here!


Candid game strong with these ladies. Bringing the laughs from Ireland and beyond. 

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