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Time Flies When You Don’t Know What Day It Is

April 11th, 2017 bmdagh18

Hello, hello… is this thing on? Yes, after another 2 month hiatus from the blog I am back with a new post. In the last post, I was just arriving back to St Andrews to start my final semester abroad (Seriously, where does the time go?!?). And wow, what the last 2 months have been! Here are a few headlines from the last post until now to catch you up:


February was a relaxing month with no guests or travels. Highlights:

– Joining a Hot Yoga studio and getting back to doing yoga on a daily basis. The 20 minute walk from Fife Park to the studio cuts through a nature walk, a primary school and a park so it’s enjoyable to say the least.

– Continuing to work on the B2D marathon’s publicity, including filming and editting a promotion video with my team members. Our dance marathon is so close and all the hard work is finally showing results. (Link to our page:

– Honing in my cooking skills by watching hours worth of Tasty videos. I learned how to make gluten free banana muffins and cauliflower pizza crust while refining my kale chip recipe. Thankful I can use my flatmates as my taste testers/guinea pigs.

– Exploring more and more of Edinburgh. I saw my friend Kate from high school. Kate is from Australia and I am from NY. The fact that we happened to be in Edinburgh at the same time is the definition of a small world. (If you’re reading this Kate, g’day mate!!!)


While February was a chill month, March was the complete opposite. Not only did I have a guest (my best friend Olivia from LI), I was travelling for 2 weeks of Spring Break. Highlights:

– Showing Olivia St Andrew’s ‘Ball-Culture’ by bringing her to SnowBall, sponsored by SAS.

– Spotting Nessie on the Highland & Loch Ness tour Olivia and I took (I have pictures to prove it!)

– Spending the whole first week of SB in Galway (The Kings Head, the Galway Street Club, watercolor painting, the doughnut man, silent disco, day trips galore, St Pats in Ireland, and LADS! LADS! LADS! / Shoutout to Kassy for not only being an amazing hostess but for always being up for playing Ed Sheeran’s new album on repeat)

– Spending the 2nd week of SB on The Scandinavian World Tour – stops including Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen (Casey teaching Taylor and I how to play Michigan Rummy, trying and failing to use public hammocks, finding out Scandinavian mothers leave their babies outside in strollers when they go to coffee shops???, overpriced ice bars, the most beautiful malls in the world, Emilie hosting us at her magnificent home, hanging out in a literal cloud, our plane back to St Andrews being delayed/turned around mid flight/cancelled)


For the sake of brevity, I hope these quick tidbits are enough to hold you over until the next post which I promise will be very soon! Check out my pictures to see more photographic evidence of all the fun I had. Normally scheduled programming next time. Ok, I am off to write 2 papers while Harry Styles’ new song loops in the background. Talk to you soon.



Pics or it didn’t happen

An ominous instalment outside the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh

Grabbing a quick pic in front of Bidean nam Bian, the tallest mountain range in Scotland. Behind me is the Three Sisters of Glen Coe, which are complex snowcapped mountain ridges

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Meghan, Kassy and I with the Cliffs. Although you can by my hair that the wind was whipping that day, we lucked out with spectacular weather for landscape pics

Hanging out with Danish Royal Horses, the closest I’ll ever be to royalty probably :/

Nyhavn harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark

Views from the top of a church in Copenhagen. Those with a fear of heights, beware

Bergen harbor (Bryggen). Reminiscent of Nyhavn, but rainier and more mountainous

Taylor and I enjoy the view of a cloud where Bergen should be. Majestic

Enjoying a cappuccino at the British Golf Museum Cafe, my go-to brunch spot after Sunday morning mass. This was a routine in February

Olivia and I enjoying SnowBall. We enjoyed the fire pits and the DJ’s shared love of ABBA

Olivia and I taking in the beauty that is the Highlands

Galway getting ready for St Patrick’s Day

Taylor, Casey, Olivia and I at SnowBall

This man here makes the best doughnuts I have ever tasted. He told us a woman from Kenya is trying to make him come to Africa to sell his doughnuts. THEY ARE THAT GOOD. Kassy and I went every day he was at the farmer’s market. He is a lad

What’s more Irish than a pint of Guinness and a view of Dublin?

All the Galway lads, including some random Irish people who laughed at our dancing. Lads Night Out #LNO

Taking in the lights of Stockholm’s equivalent to Times Square

Setting for breakfast at Emilie’s gorgeous home in Oslo. Situated in the mountains, there was a fantastic view of Oslo below. Taylor, Casey and I were just happy to eat a home cooked meal after a few days of Airbnb surfing

Norwegian sunsets

Just hanging on the stoop of the Norwegian Royal Palace, getting photobombed by other random tourists

Posing inside a cloud in Bergen. This one is for my Norwegian ancestors

Nessie cruising along side the boat on our Loch Ness boat tour.


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